Technology Innovation

Innovative Technology Solutions

Paradigm Conferences and Events is a one-stop-shop for all your event technology solutions.

OnIP – Hotspot Solution

The On-Site Information Portal (On-IP) is a hotspot solution that was designed specifically for business tourism. It reduces the Carbon Footprint of a conference or event by providing information and content digitally. It provides internet access for delegates, organisers and visitors which is a totally portable solution and is easily deployed. Allows for voting, video access and messaging.

ProApp – Tablet/Mobile App’s

Have designer Apps made for your event. Keep your delegates up to date with informative news and distribution of content

ProBoard – Message

Keep your delegates informed with last minute event, program or speaker changes. Operates both locally onsite via digital message boards and on\off-site via SMS or e-mail. 

ProCap – Lead Retrieval

Capture visitors or other delegates contact information by scanning a QR or Bar Code on the delegate badge. This is a perfect ROI for exhibitors Allows for customised notes per person for after event sales actions

ProDist – Speaker Prep

A professional speaker presentation management system to ensure accurate and speedy delivery of presentations to venues from a central location. Includes online uploads pre-event, and IT support in dedicated Speaker Prep Room.      

ProEvent – Event Pro EBMS

Manage your venue, stock and finances from a central point that is comprehensive and user-friendly. From the booking stage to invoicing, this is an internationally   renowned product to help you oversee all aspects of your event's logistics. Delegates can also submit their abstracts for presentation at your events.

ProReg – Registration Online Onsite

An easy to use on-line and on-site registration system, tailored to meet your needs and event specifications. This purpose-built software allows for seamless and   professional registrations and personalised badges. The solution includes full invite mailers, RSVP management and online user management. The on-line   registration system can be customised to capture the information you require   - including delegate contact info; airport transfers; hotel and pre-and post tour bookings. Invoice generation and secure payment integration can be implemented. The entire system has a user-friendly administrative interface   so you can pull reports at any time and edit delegate information. Once on-site, professional staff will welcome your delegates, confirm and update information and print out the customised name badge as they are registered. 

ProState – Feedback

Strike the iron while it is hot! Get accurate feedback and statistics from delegates on-site. This will assist with delegate participation in shaping the next event.  Their interests, what would they like to see more of, what style of event do they prefer? etc

ProStream – Streaming Video

Create an additional revenue stream for your event. Webcast your event internationally to unlimited viewers. Operate on pay-per view basis or delegate login. Content production from simple single camera to mixed and produced footage. Highlights and content available after your event for an unlimited time.

ProTrack – Access Control / Tracking

A system that supplies you with full reporting on delegate movements and attendance of sessions at your venue.  This is important for CME/CPD points. A notification system lets you alert and update delegates wherever they are at the time. Get access control to paid sessions and visitor flow to monitored areas.        

ProTrain – Induction 

A customised user -friendly event training portal for all staff who will be working at the event. An important tool for staff to familiarise themselves with the event and the venue.

ProWeb – Websites

A customised professional event website to provide conference information, links, and integrated registration, abstract submission and a secure payment gateway.


Paradigm Conferences and Events is highly experienced in the development of multimedia ePosters and will provide you with innovative and cutting edge technology. We will guide presenters through all phases from creation to presenting the ePosters at your event.

  • Determine the best possible ePosterboard solution for your event
  • Work with the Organising Committee to optimise ePoster Sessions and schedule
  • Create ePoster marketing collateral to use on the event website, signage and/or programme book. 
  • Build the presenter/ePosterboard assignment list.
  • Paradigm Conferences & Events can offer you an eVoting Service for your conference, both by electronic means and tallying votes. Our system can be custom designed for attendee and/or faculty judging, as well as poster evaluations 

The three main ePoster setups that we offer are:

  1. “Plug and play”
  2. e-Poster kiosk
  3. Digital Signage